Friday, 4 March 2011

RESEARCH: Storyboard analysis

The first question is designed so we can divide our results in half and so we can record what men and women agree and disagree on.


Similar intentions as the first question; three age groups allows us to see what different ages agree and disagree on.


Sound outcome here. Personally I was hoping more people would mark it down as average so we would have something to improve on. Then again one shouldn't complain at a lack of complaints.

Interesting results and a good range of answers to choose from.. At least we know that people want some dialogue .

People seem to largely agree that an urban environment is a fitting place for a gritty urban drama. Shame four peoples heads weren't screwed on that day.


This question was asked to see if people thought our proposed film idea was achievable. We are creative individuals; we like to think big and this was just to make sure that we hadn't made our idea too unrealistic.

"Couple of snaps"
Thomas and myself questioning the bright and eagle eyed inhabitants of the common room.

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