Thursday, 17 March 2011

Final Product

This is the film in it's final form after following all steps.

Film Editing

 Marcus and myself undertaking this laborious stage.

RESEARCH: BBFC Certification

The BBFC (The British Board of Film Classification)
The BBFC is a non-governmental organisation in the UK that gives out certifications for media distributed in the UK. Unlike other international certifications it is a compulsory obligation for distributors to sell a game to a person of the right age. Where certifications issued by companies such as PEGI are simply advisory and are issued to advise consumers, BBFC targets the distributors.

The British board of film classification was formed in 1912 and was known as the British board of film censors this was because the film industry at the time preferred to manage the classification and censorship of their own films rather than have them enforced by governments, the BBFC do have power to fine and in extreme cases close down organisations who breach the regulations set organisation changed its name to the British board of film classification the BBFC were also used to prevent negative propaganda during the second world war, in 1984 the organisation changed it t to its current name the British board of film classification, in 1986 however the BBFC rated its first video game as a 15, video games are however video games are voluntarily submitted for classification, in 1997 the first game to refuse being rated by the BBFC was ‘’Carmagedon’’ however a later version of the game was rated and it received a 18 certificate, and in June 2007 the game Manhunt 2 was refused a rating and so deemed illegal to sell.

The video recording act of 2010
This act brought back into force some parts of the video recording act of 1984, this was because the European commission had not been notified in 1984 of this act which directly affected the classification and distribution of films in the U.K and therefore due to the lack of information provided to the European commission this act was deemed unenforceable and therefore on the 15th December of 2009 this act to revive the provisions of the video recording act of 1984 was presented to the house of commons, subsequently the second and third reading of this act both took place on the 6th January 2010 and so on the 21st January of that year the act received royal assent and is still in force today.

PLANNING: Marketing and Distribution

Here is our final film poster. We used the cigarette pack to represent the gritty and urban feel that the film has. The poster has been kept minimal so that it has a clean feel about it. The whole poster has been styled in way that nods to The Velvet Underground and Niko album cover by Andy Warhol.

RESEARCH & PLANNING: Production Logo

An important part of film production is a name. This allows people to recognise your company from others, and hopefully sets the company apart. The name of our company went through many different phases, from American sounding ones, such as Westroad Productions, ambiguous ones such as Tailor Film, and downright ridiculous ones, such as Imagico Film Productions.

After a few hours of arguing, and a trip to The Ward Arms, we decided to leave the name of the film company for a while, we decided to leave the name of the company to whoever made the logo, and thus, our film company was namedReelhaus Productions.

This name was chosen because it harks back to the German Expressionism movement from Weimar Germany in the 1920's, and because... it sounds good. Bit of German really adds a kick to the name, yes?

All film companies have a distinct logo, which is designed to embody the values that the company holds. That and... 

Well, you need a logo, don't you?

We began the planning of our company logo by first looking at some existing ones.

Looking at these, we deduced that film companies tend to use a form of symbolism with their logos for a number of reasons, be they for nature of film, values of the company, or just because it looks good. From this, four distinct logos were made.

Our first logo was made to be eye catching and practical:

Our second logo was made to hark back to Indie amateur film companies from the 1980's:

Our third logo was made to be eye catching, imposing, and drew influences from propaganda from Fascist Italy.

Our fourth and final logo was created to have a warm, social and modernist style to it.

We then put these logos up on SurveyMonkey, and asked people from sixth-form for their receptions of each, and used this to decide a final logo.

The Filming

Below is a montage film of us filming The Chase.

PLANNING: Props and Locations

Below is a table for locations and the props needed at them.

PLANNING: Shooting Schedule

We shot our film over a five day period (Ten, if re-shoots are counted). This required a shooting schedule to be made to ensure that we could shoot scenes at times that were convenient for our actors. We made the shooting schedule after having a meeting with our group and the actors we were going to use over Skype, which enabled people to check their availability for that day.

This is the finalised shooting schedule (With the re-shoot added retrospectively).
The scene had to be re-shot because the lighting for the day was too different to the proceeding shot of Stan running towards the car... that a moment of genius, we forgot to have Stan in the Driver perspective shot.

PLANNING: Final Storyboard

After reviewing the storyboard results and sorting them into categories I came to two conclusions;

- Firstly, people wanted more dialogue, especially women so I've reviewed the phone call scene between MC and SC.

- And Secondly people wanted a bit of death. This was the hardest thing to follow out as there was no death planned in the opening two minutes. I therefore decided to have a brief shot of some person in the background being taken away in a body bag. Hopefully that will do. This can emphasise imminent doom or something to that effect. Likewise we won't do this, because it's an insane idea and would take up the best part of the two minutes to do properly.

Friday, 4 March 2011

RESEARCH: Storyboard analysis

The first question is designed so we can divide our results in half and so we can record what men and women agree and disagree on.


Similar intentions as the first question; three age groups allows us to see what different ages agree and disagree on.


Sound outcome here. Personally I was hoping more people would mark it down as average so we would have something to improve on. Then again one shouldn't complain at a lack of complaints.

Interesting results and a good range of answers to choose from.. At least we know that people want some dialogue .

People seem to largely agree that an urban environment is a fitting place for a gritty urban drama. Shame four peoples heads weren't screwed on that day.


This question was asked to see if people thought our proposed film idea was achievable. We are creative individuals; we like to think big and this was just to make sure that we hadn't made our idea too unrealistic.

"Couple of snaps"
Thomas and myself questioning the bright and eagle eyed inhabitants of the common room.


i. Establishing shot - Heavy breathing is heard while the shot slowly fades to a man running. The shot will last aprox. 6-7 seconds and consist only of his feet.
ii/iii. The first of the opening credits. Currently debating on whether to keep the heavy breathing over these or not. The text will fade in.
iv. Similar to i, shot of man running, this shot will last only about 3 seconds.
v. More opening titles.
vi. This shot consists of the main character making a turn to the right and going up some steps. The shot will pan slightly as he makes the turn.
vii. Group names
viii. This shot will start with the character appearing from the right hand side of the screen. He will be walking backwards so the audience can see the front of him, he will have blood on his shirt and should give the impression that he is running from something. He will then jump over a fence behind him.
ix. During the same shot the camera will move forward with the character as he jumps over the fence. Then quite loudly (probably through use of sound effects) a car will appear from the right will collide with the main character. During viii and ix smaller opening credits may appear.
x. The scene will cut to a shot of a man getting out of a car, he will ask if the man on the ground is okay.
xi. The shot then cut to a POV shot in which our main character will appear dazed. He will then get up and begin to run to the right. Smaller opening credits will stop here if introduced.
xii. The scene cuts to the main character running off, possibly telling the man in the car he is fine.
xiii. The scene then cuts back to the same angle before of the man in the car. He will mutter something under his breath and look dismayed and then get back into his car. Upon the door slamming shut the scene will instantly cut to a room with a lady in it. Not sure what she should be doing in the room, it might be a good idea to avoid her doing housework, someone might complain for all we know. A phone will ring and she will walk over to it.
xv/xvi/xvii/xviii/xix. Brief conversation on the phone, it should be understood at this point that the main character and this secondary character are or were engaged in a relationship. MC as we shall now call him for convenience purposes will more or less force invite himself round her apartment. The shot will consist him running towards the camera head on while the camera maintains distance. Before SC can say otherwise, he hangs up leaving her saying "hello?" and then looking at the phone in confusion.
xx. Scene cuts to a birds eye shot of the MC running up a set of stairs.
xxi. Shot of MC coming through the apartment door with a brief shreak from SC, the camera pans right and MC exits to the left of the screen.
xxii. From the right MC walks towards a door and goes in.
xxiii. These shot will make use of a canted angle to represent confusion as nobody other than MC knows what is going on. He will turn the tap, take off his bloody shirt and then lean over the sink until he turns them off when the sink is full.
xxiv. Over the shoulder shot as he splashes water over his face and then he will begin to dunk his head in the water.
xxv. Shot shows his face entering the water following shot xxv. He then exits the water.
xxvi. Shot then cuts to the shown shot and SC appears round the door.
xxvii/xxviii/xxix/xxx/xxxi/xxxii. Contrary to the dodgy story board pictures the couple then engage in conversation. Something along the lines of what has just taken place. The two minutes of filming should at this point be complete.