Thursday, 10 February 2011

Directors Pitch

   Grit and action have become a winning formula in the film industry in recent years. Films such as The Dark Knight and Harry Brown are good examples of the application of grit in an action film. We intend to reflect this trend with our film.

   Set in Northampton, we will be working closely with the results from our questionnaire to develop a film that suits our target audience- the young adult demographic. This will be reflected in the characters used in the film. The central characters will be in roughly the same age band as that of the target audience, which will hopefully allow them to bond with the characters better.
   The results from the questionnaire have shown that a number of the sample found aesthetics to be important in a film. We will work to this by using high dynamic range imaging, gritty camera filters, and vignetting, seen in such programmes as Top Gear to add drama to each shot. The use of vignetting also makes the scenes become more claustrophobic. We will apply this with the planned scene in the bathroom.
   The first two minutes of the film itself with focus on the main character, a young man running through the streets of Northampton with a blood covered shirt. The establishing shot will be of the running feet on a pavement and heavy breathing. Opening credits play through this scene. More credits play through the following parts but appear on the picture rather than blacking out. At some point he turns round and this is the first time you see his blood covered shirt. He then will get hit by a car, this is mainly to show that his mind is on other things, at this point the credits stop. He gets up and continues running. We may have a phone call scene at this point to show the main guy and his girlfriend talking and asking if he can come round. The idea is that he then runs into his girlfriends flat essentially to hide and to cool down. At this point we want a gritty tearing off shirt/washing face/bloody water scene. We plan to use a fair share of camera angles and techniques so that the filming style relates to the atmosphere. I will create a storyboard for the film and then a questionnaire on it will be distributed by other members of my group.

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