Thursday, 10 February 2011

RESEARCH: The Unborn Deconstruction

Film: The Unborn
Year: 2009
Director: David S. Goyer
Genre: Horror

     The film opens up with an overhead shot of a snowy lake with a lane beside it, creepy twinkly music plays over it. The shot then cuts to a city also in the middle of winter. It all seems very quiet and the in the next clip you see hardly any cars on the road. You get the feeling of ‘it was just an ordinary morning’ and that the director is trying to catch you out while you are in your comfort zone by making the opening scenes peaceful and somewhat mundane. The scene then cuts to a lone runner on a park bridge the camera slowly moves towards her from above. There is then a full body shot from behind and then a mid shot in front. It’s all shot in slow motion and another overhead shot is shown and then another mid shot as she slows down to catch her breath. All the while the music continues to play. Something on the deserted pavement catches her eye and shoe moves in to see what it is. The camera focuses entirely on the object which happens to be a glove and you see her legs as she walks over to pick it up. This is done so you know that this glove is important in some way. You then see a full face shot and then she turns around and the camera stretches at the sides to see a boy with only one glove on. The camera goes to a mid shot and then an over the shoulder shot from behind the boy so you can see the woman. The camera then cuts to the boys feet and it slowly rises until you get to the boys face which is grey and dead looking. It then cuts to a full face shot of a woman who looks confused. Then with a beat the film cuts to an over the shoulder shot of her and instead of the boy there is a bulldog with a creepy mask on. You see a confused lady once more and then a close up of the crazy dog which appears to have blue human eyes and is breathing heavily. The dog then moves into the woods off the path and the lady follows like a crazy conquistador. You get a mixture of pan shots and POV shots and it's all very surreal which gives the impression that the whole scene is a dream sequence. Eventually she sees the mask on the floor, another low angle shot is done where the mask in in the foreground and the lady is in the background. It becomes clear at this point that it is a mask of the little boy shown area. She then kneels down to take a closer look.

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