Thursday, 2 December 2010

RESEARCH: 180° Rule

In the image we have two men sitting down. Albert is on the left (from the camera) and Hudhafah on the right. As long as the camera is that side of the two men this seating arrangement will always be so. Imagine however if the camera man cut and then moved into the section marked with the red warning symbol and then started filming again. When watching the film the two characters would appear to swap places and it would look like a 'continuity error'. The 180° rule states that all filming should always be taken on one side of the duo so that when the camera cuts the two men are still in the same seats. You are however allowed to go round to the other side but only providing you film yourself doing so. This will create versimilitude (the belief that the situation is real and all knoledge that you are watching a film goes).

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